Inventic s.r.o.

Julianovske nam. 2 636 00 Brno Czech Republic E-Mail: [email protected] Twitter: @vsbuilds Company ID: 27693236 VAT ID: CZ27693236

Our Story

We’re small team of experienced programmers. We incorporated in 2006 and built a lot of websites and custom softwares for our customers. After that we created application ORM Designer later rebranded to Skipper.

Altough we’re still maintaining and expanding Skipper application we felt that we need another challenge. So we decided to create new tool for developers.

This time it’s a tool for distributed builds (compilation, file processing, file generators,..).

Our Team

Ludek Developer manager

Developer manager

  • Specialization: C++, Qt, UI development
  • Hobbies: programming, sport, driving
  • Water activity: snorkeling, whirpooling, photography


Iva Marketing manager

Marketing manager

  • Specialization: SEO, Copywriting, PPC
  • Hobbies: graphics, music, her dog
  • Water activity: snorkeling, sunbathing :)


Frantisek Technology manager

Technology manager

  • Specialization: Php, Symfony, Devops
  • Hobbies: photography, hiking, his daughter
  • Water activity:: swimming, shark diving