Ten times faster development

Increase speed of your work with distributed builds.

Use paralel compilation of your C++ (or C#) Visual Studio projects.

Easy to start

You don’t have to configure anything. Run VsBuilds on your project and let rest on us.

Seamless integration (COMMING SOON)

Run distributed compilation directly from Visual Studio.

CLI tools

Run compilations also from command line. Usefull for continuous integrations or batch compilations.

Easy configuration

Any computer can be build helper. Just install our agent SW and connect it to build server. One computer can be agent and server simultaneously.

Extendable for any task (COMMING SOON)

You can define your own distributed project and let our system help you with any other task. You can distribute.

Available for

Supported IDEs

Visual Studio 2013 Visual Studio 2015 Visual Studio 2017

Supported Languages

C++ Language C# Language

Supported Tools

QT Framework

Supported OS

Windows OS

Stop wasting your time

Download free version. No credit card needed.


Strong team in back

Swift development

Regular updates bring new features and enhancements based on requests of users.

Well documented

In detailed documentation you find everything from very basics up to the expert knowledge.

Helpful support

Write us any questions or ideas on our support forum or send us email. We are here for you.